SummerTime: Who We Are

What Is SummerTime Project?

The SummerTime is an idea established by CEFL Trustee Navlet Williamson as a personal passion stemming from her personal experience as a full time carer of SEND child and also, research that found that there are little or no activities for SEND young people of the targeted age group during holidays times.

The key objective of  the ‘SummerTime’ project was to organise and offer a variety of activities and services for the benefit of supporting young people/adults with special education needs/disability (SEND) aged 17 to 25 and their carers alike to lead rich, vibrant, engaging and independent lives.

With the help of the budding SummerTime projects partners, staff, & funders we have been able to develop & deliver services that have been described as “Fantastic!” by our participants and called “Irreplaceable in value.” by carers in response to the work they felt has catered to their needs.

Through our ethos of: “Emphasis on understanding” whilst listening to our young participants & carers we’re happy to say the engagement, feedback has been welcoming & described as a “Perfect fit” and “Safe-haven”.

We shall continue to include feedback & develop projects that are cohesive with the needs of our participants.

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Upcoming Projects

Weekly Gym Session
Brixton Recreation Centre

For the purposes of well-being, keeping fit & an opportunity to socialise & make friends:

Young people aged 17-25 with SEND in the Lambeth community and surrounding areas are welcome to apply to join our current group in weekly, one-day-a-week Gym sessions @ Brixton Recreation Centre.

27 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London, SW9 8QQ

Ms.Williamson @ 07984337812